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Kiss thin lips goodbye With Lip Fillers

Do you want fuller looking, more voluptuous lips? Are your lips showing signs of ageing? Get the perfect pout with Lip Fillers by IIA.  Lip Fillers offer a minimally invasive treatment that can add volume to lips, and adjust the shape and create a well-balanced smile. Beautiful lips can enhance your look like no other feature can, thereby giving you a special kind of confidence.

Ageing can cause changes in our lips, they can begin to flatten and lines around the mouth can appear. Dermal Lip Fillers are used to put back volume in the lips and restore the equilibrium and shape.

Cosmetic doctors and nurses can address loss of volume with the latest dermal filler preparations and injecting techniques, it requires no surgery, no downtime and minimal discomfort.

Our experienced injectors can give you that natural look you desire, using only the best dermal filler formulations.

What are lip fillers or lip enhancement?

There are many reasons people desire lip fillers or lip enhancement. Lips tend to flatten out and become thinner as we age and some have unbalanced or uneven lips, or naturally thin lips. Due to muscle movement and ageing we can also develop lines on the border of the lips and in the corners of the mouth. All these things can contribute to wanting to improve the look of your lips and smile.

What do you use for lip fillers or lip enhancement?

Dermal fillers are used to add volume or symmetry to the lips. This injectable gel is placed under the skin via a fine needle and helps to balance the shape or size of the lips, or simply to add a little volume.

How much lip filler do I need?

In our FREE consultation we will discuss your desired outcome and will guide you so you are happy with the end result. Some people like subtle results while others want a more noticeable enhancement and this will depend on the amount and type of filler needed. There are some examples on the internet of overdone lips and we always aim to balance your lips with your features so your lips enhance your appearance for the right reasons.

How long does lip fillers or lip enhancement last?

The trusted brand of dermal fillers we use for lip enhancement lasts up to 12 months. This long lasting quality lip filler has a smooth and even texture and leaves a beautiful result on all lips.

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Dermal fillers are used to target the following areas

The tear troughs are the depressions running from the nose up to the under-eye area. This treatment can fix the appearance of this area by filling up the hollow areas.

Enhance volume, add hydration and also to contour. It is also relatively subtle treatment to the cheeks can make quite a difference to your downturned mouth.

Erase hollowness and evidence of too many sleepless nights.

Soften these folds, and encourage natural collagen renewal. This area is most often corrected by the lifting effect of cheek filler.

Smoker’s lines are small vertical lines that extend vertically from the lips. This occurs when lips lose its volume as we age.

Enhance volume which is lost naturally as we age. Redefine your lip shape and banish bleeding lip lines.

Tighten and contour your jawline. Dermal fillers can get rid of dimples, creases and lines in this area.

Used to give a smoother chin line by filling lose areas of the jowl and chin.

Achieve a more contoured look by adding some height or definition on the tip. This is also used to correct irregularities on the nose shape, most especially on the bridge.

Correct long term lines when used in conjunction with regular muscle relaxants. We can use dermal fillers on many lines such as smile lines, frown lines, etc.

Used mostly for rehydration


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If you’re looking to plump up and rehydrate your skin, then dermal fillers are what you need. Unlike anti-wrinkle treatments (which target and paralyze the muscle), dermal fillers fill in the hollow or sagging spaces, giving it a much fuller and youthful look.

Dermal fillers are suitable for those who want to add more structure and volume to their faces. Dramatic weight loss, people with active, high impact lifestyle (e.g. runners) even general aging can cause a drastic loss of volume in their faces.


Each procedure is less than an hour long (30 – 45 minutes on average) with results lasting up to 18 months. The longevity of the effects of dermal fillers vary from person to person as each will react differently towards the fillers. the As with any injectable procedure, expect bruising and swelling around the injected area.


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